Shae, Circa 2016

Cabernet Sauvignon
smile, how did you come to be
so entirely alone?
Perhaps it’s in you sat
snipping letters,
poems from paint
drenched watercolor
paper, the pages
of Pet Sematary
wedged in the window
spongeing up the rain,
receipt scraps
and drunken scribbles,
crumpled forgotten
notes in the corners
of seven drawers,
O’Connor keeling wildly
on the bottom
of your bookshelf,
the tragic lonely
deaths, disappearances
of writers
you once knew,
the smudge your pinky makes
the pencil smoothed across
your notebook, you’ve always been
too bookish
& it has turned
your brain.
Just polish off
a box of wine,
just write it down
where no one else
can read it.

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